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Have you ever felt like your mind is an internet browser? 19 tabs open. 3 of them are frozen. And you have no idea where the music is coming from? thanks Linda

LET'S PRAY TOGETHER Lord, let our souls rise up to meet you as the day rises to meet the sun.  Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. May the peace of the Lord Christ go with us: wherever He may send us; Lord You are good. Lord You are great. Help those who need help, guide the lost, Lead the leaders, heal the sick. Thank you for your tender love. may You guide us through the wilderness: protect us through the storm; may You bring us home rejoicing: at the wonders You have shown us; may You bring us home rejoicing once again into our doors. Amen

MEDITATION “There is a connection between the strange providential circumstances allowed by God and what we know of Him, and we have to learn to interpret the mysteries of life in the light of our knowledge of God. Until we can come face to face with the deepest, darkest fact of life without damaging our view of God’s character, we do not yet know Him. Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest July 29 Truth and trust; both words stem "from Proto-Germanic treuwaz "having or characterized by good faith, from Proto-Germanic *treuwaz, source of Old English treowian "to believe, trust," and treowe "faithful, trusty," from PIE root *deru- "be firm, solid, steadfast."* Jesus said He was The Truth. Fundamentally, God is honest and reliable, worthy of our trust. Yet, the world is full of moments when we want to say, “If God permits (blank), then He can’t be good.” It is not wrong to wrestle, question or doubt God. Each of us will face moments that push us to the limit.   Job declares, ““Believe me, I’m blameless. I don’t understand what’s going on. I hate my life! Since either way it ends up the same, I can only conclude that God destroys the good right along with the bad. When calamity hits and brings sudden death, He folds His arms, aloof from the despair of the innocent. He lets the wicked take over running the world, He installs judges who can’t tell right from wrong. If God’s not responsible, who is? (Job 9:21-24 MSG) Yet this is not the end of the conversation, it’s a beginning. God invites us through Biblical texts from Genesis to Revelation to speak honestly to Him, to cry out with our questions and our pain. However, we must be prepared. His answers come in many ways; sometimes He speaks, sometimes the Bible speaks, sometimes a Godly friend speaks, sometimes creation speaks BUT if it is God speaking He will speak in unison with what He has already said. He is good, He is loving, He is trustworthy and TRUE. Job goes on to declare, “Still, I know that God lives—the One who gives me back my life—and eventually he’ll take his stand on earth. And I’ll see him—even though I die a painful death!— I will see God myself, with my very own eyes. Oh, how I long for that day!” Job 19:24-27 MSG I remember a childish prayer; “God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for this food." Beneath the simplicity is solid bedrock; God IS great (all powerful) and God IS good (loving and kind). When things look dark and trouble is near, when I am sad and overwhelmed, God is still great and He is still Good and I can thank Him (and pour out my heart’s pain and questions) because He is trustworthy and true; worthy of our faith! He hears your heart anyway, why not speak up and listen for what you may hear?


Our daily scripture reading comes from the following link… If you have any insights into our daily readings, please feel free to share them with me. I would encourage you to visit for an overview of the book of 1st and 2nd Kings and for an overview of the book of Acts. These videos will help with the “big picture” and the main themes. 2 Kings 8:16-9:37 2 kings 8:19 is an important verse. What is the significance behind it? (2 Sam 7:12-16) Jehu will be anointed as king over the northern kingdom Israel. Notice the role of the prophet here to do this. The prophet is seen as “one who speaks for God.”  As a symbol of Jehu’s kingship, what do those around him do? (9:13) Where else do we see people placing cloaks on the ground before a “king?” (Matthew 21:8, Mark 11:8, Luke 19:36) Acts 23:12-35 Our text yesterday ended with a word from God to Paul. “Take courage! As you have testified about me in Jerusalem, so you must also testify in Rome.” (23:11) What do we see happening in our text today, that will lead Paul to a fulfillment of this word from God? Read Paul's words in Romans 8:28, words he will write from Rome. How do they connect to today's passage? Psalm 80:1-7 There is a benediction I will use from time to time. It comes from Numbers 6:24-26. “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” It is a blessing that Aaron and his sons proclaimed over Israel. Re-read verse 7 of today’s psalm. What is Asaph asking for?

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