10.2.20 Friday Prayer List

As you may already know, when we resume live worship this Sunday, October 4, we will not be handing out paper bulletins. In lieu of the list of prayer concerns that would normally be found on our bulletin insert, we will be sending out an emailed list of prayer concerns each Friday.

If you know of someone who should be added to this list,

please email the details to

Pastor Mike at

or to

Secretary Nancy Pallo at

To have a request included in the Friday Prayer List, please submit it before noon on Thursday.


Krista Bessleman -- friend of Jackie Bach, breast cancer

Rich Bobbie -- friend of Dale Dilley, lung cancer treatments

Brooke -- friend of Leo Scott, cancer treatments

Shirley Jenkins -- restarting chemo treatments

Rhonda Moats -- daughter of Bonnie Cousins, breast cancer, neuropathy in hands and feet

Tom Ochs -- friend of Elaine Auchter, cancer

Sean -- Terry Stowe's cousin, cancer

Janie Wiegle

Mark Yurcich -- recovering from stroke, blood clots, infection, but doing much better


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Due to a Covid 19 outbreak within the Pastor's family there will be no live stream, online, or in person worship this week. We apologize for the absence and will be online next Sunday.

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